Amanda is a true jewel. She is about 10 years old, a mare, with beautiful soft eyes. She came from a gal in Kingman Arizona, if you read about Liza, this was the first horse we picked up from the same woman. The story was she was a people hater. And it was true I guess. If anyone so much as walked close enough to her pen she would charge them and try to bite them. When we arrived I took a look around and all the other horses were in fantastic condition, only Amanda was thin, but she was full of spirit. When I walked into her stall with a halter you could have heard a pin drop. I guess no one had ever been IN her stall with her. Actually she was fairly good. With a little talking I had the halter on and walked her over to the trailer. At that point they were ready to change their mind about giving her up, but I made them stick to the deal.

Loading Amanda into our two horse trailer was something else. I believe everytime you handle a horse its a training experience. So I don't like to force a horse into a trailer, one guy pulling, a few more pushing, is not a good experience for the horse. No I like to gentle them in, and this usually takes some time. The owners got bored with me and left, but after a bit over an hour I had her loading and unloading. Another thing I like to do is everytime I stop to check on her driving home, I give her a carrot snack, soon she learns that going for a ride in the trailer is a good time.

When we got Amanda home she never once charged a person and never once has she bit anyone. She is not an overly friendly horse but not mean at all. It makes you wonder how things were over there.... But Amanda is great, she still has plenty of spirit and is now fat and sassy. Sure she can be adopted, I'll hate to see her go though. I plan to saddle her up real soon and see what she knows. In the pictures you can see how thin she was and how beautiful she is now.

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