Buster Brown

Buster Brown is a BLM Mustang from the governments Adopt-A-Mustang program. Buster was born in June of 2004 and captured in July of 2004 near Eureka Nevada. Buster is still a stallion but will probably be cut in the Fall when fly season is over. Buster is very well mannered and friendly while he's in the stall but when taken out his spirit soars a bit, after all he is a stud. He came in a little thin but nothing drastic, generally in good condition. No abuse, they just couldn't keep them anymore.

Right now we have one of our volunteers working on his people skills. Buster is a small horse height wise but very wide and solid. He has a slight click to his rear foot but that may work out. Busters never been riden, another causualty to the mustang program. Adopted in good faith but they just never worked with him. But he's still young enough and might be good for a smaller person as a riding horse. He sure has personality and just needs someone to focus his love on.

Buster Brown either needs a good sponsor or the right person to adopt him. Want to know more about sponsoring a horse like Buster, send us an email and lets talk about it, sacredgroundsrescueranch@yahoo.com

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