Dusty is what we call a BLM Mustang. He was adopted from the Bureau Of Land Management Adopt a Wild Mustang or Burro Program. We atually get alot of kick backs from the program. Don't get me wrong its a great program, heck they used to just shoot all the excess horses. And generally the people who adopt are good people who know what they are doing. But there are many who don't. Many of these are the same people who buy a young colt because "they are going to make themselves the perfect horse." And many just don't understand that a wild mustang is a wild animals. Most of them have serious trust issues (like a wild animal) which isn't anything a lot of dedication and time won't take care of. A mustang is not the same to work with as a domestic horse, but they can be worked with. When we get them, they are like Dusty, 6-9 years old, never been riden, never been trained in any way, maybe they'll take a carrot from your hand or let you pet them but thats it.

Dusty was born in 2003 and captured near Ely,Nevada in 2005. He came to us a bit thin with no training and no hoof work. Infact he had a halter on him that was moulding into his head. A lot of people leave them on to make it easier to catch the horse not realizing the damage they do. Anyway Dusty is a beautiful palomino, he was adopted once by some friends of the Rescue but their financial situation turned around and they gave him back. Right now we have a volunteer working with him. Sheri has been working on his people skills, getting him used to putting on and taking off his halter, being led around on a lead rope, being brushed, being sprayed with fly repelant, you say well thats nothing, but, it is something. The Mustang isn't used to any of it. And Dusty is doing real well. Dusty is still a stallion but we plan to have him cut this fall when the fly season is over. You might think because he's so beautiful he'd make a good stud to breed with, but even if you bred to another palomino it would be a guess what would foal, because the mustang is a heinz 3000, you might get any kind of horse.

Dusty is available for adoption or sponsorship.

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