Havasu Napterska

Havasu Napterska, google that and see what happens. You'll see her bloodlines back to the 1600s. Havasu Napterska is a purebred Arabian of the finest bloodlines, she rode in several endurance races but I'm getting ahead of myself.

A friend invited me to an estate auction in Mohave Valley Arizona that had several horses available and all the gear equipment and the land too. I took the horse trailer but really planned on buying tack. Well 120 degrees later, unbelievably hot! we find out its an Arabian Breeding Farm, they don't have tack. But I hung out anyway, bought a backhoe truck no one would bid on for $200. Then they started auctioning off the horses, talking about the bloodlines, breeding quality, etc. They had lots of horses, maybe 60 in all and they were going for crazy money. Way out of our price range. Alot of the horses were in pretty bad shape too, but they brought in the money anyway.

Anyway when we first arrived there was one horse down, colic they said, there were alot of western gals shedding tears for the horse too. When the bidding came around to the big corral of mares, everyone said not to bid on Havasu because she was the one with colic. But I happened to know better and bid anyway, ofcourse others started bidding too, but we won. When we paid for her they made us sign a waver, they figured she'd be dead before we got her home. Wrong! Because they had the wrong horse. She was thin, really thin actually, but we know what to do about that right!

But the best part is once we got her home at the Rescue and in time got some meat on her bones we placed an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone might be interested in adopting her. The amazing thing is I only put Havasu in the ad. Within hours I had 3 emails, could this possibly be Havasu Napterska?

It seems the original owner, the one who won all the endurance races on her, the one on the cover of the Arabian Endurance magazine had been searching for Havasu for years. He had at one point sold her to a woman on payments, she then sold the horse to the breeder without paying him for the horse. Years go by and he finally finds the breeding farm and they tell him of the auction and that Havasu Napterska died of colic.

His long search is over with an unhappy ending. He has her sister currently in Yucca AZ and still races some. He feels like he's lost a family member, worse than that a friend. Then he sees the ad and hope rushes through his veins, is it possible..could it be her or is it some mistake.

Well I have to tell you that there were alot of tears rolling down everyones faces when this man and his wife came to the Rescue to see if it was really Havasu. I was crying, they were crying, what a crazy happy ending. Now that would make a good horse movie, how do you get ahold of Walt Disney or maybe Hallmark?

God does answer your prayers...

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