Lakota & Cisco

Lakota and Cisco are BLM Mustang geldings from the Vale, Oregon area. They look like twins but who knows if they are really related. Both were captured in 2005, one was a year old already, the other was 2 years old. As you can see by the photos both are bays and both are pretty good size. Up north in Oregon they have a lot of draft horses and you can see they have the blood. We picked the up together up in the Peach Springs area.

Kind of a funny story, the gal we got them from trains mustangs. She hurt her foot and needed surgery so after several phone conversations she told me about a matching set of grays she had to pull a wagon and she might have to have us come get them. I told her shes crazy, she could sell a matching set of grays! Well as time went on she had no luck and told us to come get them. Heck I was already trying to find a wagon.

So we drive way up there, a terrible road, and finally get there. She greets us and I'm looking around for the grays. I ask wheres the grays, she says right there.....well you guessed it, no grays, they were bays. And they were not trained to pull a wagon, they were not half trained to pull a wagon, infact they were not trained at all. She just thought they'd look good pulling a wagon :( Theres more...these two mustangs were the wildest mustangs we ever picked up, and worse they were not afraid of men, they would charge a man down. It took me about two hours to get these horses loaded, gentled in. They were wild and crazy boys.

Now after some time they have mellowed out some. They lost the hate in their hearts for men. They still need a lot of work and patience but they are beautiful animals. Either can be sponsored for some training. I'm not sure about adoption, they may need to stay here a while.

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