Liza is a very special case. In the photos you see, even with a winter coat she looks aweful. The lady who called me about Liza has called before, this is actually the second horse over the years that we have picked up from her, not good. The horse was picked up in Kingman Arizona. I kind of screwed up on this one, our rule is to listen and get the animal home, but she broke my heart just to look at her. When the call came in the woman said she was just a little under weight, in fact they were still riding her. When I arrived and took a look at her, I couldn't believe it. The woman had the nerve to comment that if I picked her up in a few weeks she could fatten her up. Its so bizarre its almost funny. I talk to people after we've had their horses for a while and I might say sure she's gaining weight and doing really good, and they'll say, gaining weight? she wasn't thin when we gave her to you :) lol. Anyway Liza was in a stall with a younger horse and obviously that horse was getting the food, although I could see the ribs on that horse too.

But Liza got lucky. From almost the beginning she had a sponsor. A nice guy named Kelly fell in Love with Liza, you see him in the pictures. And since then he's been paying for her food and anything else she needs. Liza is an older horse, born in 1990, and we are very impressed at her improvements. She loves to graze and go for long walks, she loves to be brushes and fussed with and boy does she love to eat! In eight months she has made a serious turn around and Kelly has made himself a good friend. And she's still gainning weight!

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