Romeo is beautiful paint stallion born in 2006. His last owner was shipped to serve in Iraq and his caretaker in Golden Valley AZ was told to sell him or find him a good home. We actually traded a 1985 Toyota 4x4 pickup for him. We were told he was highly trained as a breeder and when placed in position with a mare he would not mount until the command was given. Well whatever...we were told alot of things about his training, but it seems he's had very little. Or maybe he would only do these things for his owner. The caretaker was unable to show us anything and his living conditions were basically a hot shock wire in a 12x12 area. That was actually a good laugh for us, not the conditions, but the very first thing he did when placed in a steel pipe and railroad tie stall was rub his rearend on the pipes. All of us wondered how long he had that itch that he couldn't scratch in a hot shock wire stall.

Romeo is a good breeder, he's not what they told us but he is very managable for a stud. But he is a stud, and has the stud attitude. So far he's been bred a half dozen times and thrown some beautiful paints. But we don't want to keep him just for an occassional breeding fee, he needs people training and might possibly be a good ride. He might be available for adoption, we'd have to consider that, but is available at this time for sponsorship.

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