SanTee is a paint mare approx.10 years old. She came to us about a year ago as an aggressive biter. We were told she bit her care taker through 3 sweetshirts and drew blood. The owner was worried she would bite the children so he called on us to pick her up. She's a beautiful horse and they had paid $2500 for her. When I went to pick her up I was ready to handle a horse with attitude, but what I picked up was a gentle mare who practically loaded herself into the trailer. Since she's been at the Rescue she has never even acted like she was going to nip or bite. She has a good heart.

Her feet are real soft almost rotten but our team Dan & Jodi are working on that. About 6 months ago I thought I might have to put her down. One morning she had no use of her rear legs. She was still standing and could partially move one leg but had to drag the other, like she might have had a stroke in the night. It was pretty terrible, but she gave me that look, like don't do it yet, give her a chance. So I did, her eyes were clear and she was still eating good so why not. I guess you could say I put her on probation, watching her everyday, just to see. And eventually she started getting around better and now moves around like any other horses, even raises hell once in a while kicking at Amanda in the stall next door.

Then one morning a beautiful paint filly is born. Wow what a shocker, no one told us, maybe they didn't even know. But what a cutey. The baby girl was adopted before she was 24hrs old! Their grandkids voted and named her Baby Cherry. Ofcourse they can't take her until she's weaned in another 3 months or so. Now SanTee is getting a double ration of Hay and some supplement to keep her gaining weight and to take care of the baby.

Lots of kids like seeing baby Cherry here at the Rescue. We will miss her when she goes to her new home. SanTee is a well mannered horse. We haven't put a saddle on her yet because we wanted to fatten her up a bit more and get her feet in a better condition first. Then we'll see if she's ever been riden and what she knows. One thing for sure she's a good Mom and she makes beautiful babies.

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