Sedona is the mother of Codi and also the mother of Stormy. Sedona is about 10 years old, she is what we call a BLM mustang. She was adopted from BLMs Adopt A Mustang Program. Our friend Loretta brought us Codi and Sedona at the same time. These horses were not abused or neglected, they looked great when they came in and they look great now. Loretta is a single mom and she had 3 horses and times are hard. She used good judgement and found a home for two of the horses and kept the one for her daughter to ride with hopes they could somehow make out. I wish more people used judgement like Loretta, but they don't.

Sedona needs either to be adopted or we need to find her a good sponsor so we can begin training her to be a great rider. She's in good condition, thats a plus. That means she ready for the next step. She's not overly friendly but not mean either. Horeses have feeling too. Most people don't really understand that. Horses can get jealous, they can get depressed, they can have good days and bad days just like us. And behind it all you have to remember that Sedona was a Wild Mustang. Trapped and captured, trucked away from her home and family, placed in holding pens with 100s of other mustangs, moved from state to state, then auctioned off and placed in a stall or pen. The free days are over.

But Sedona got lucky and had a great life with Loretta. Loretta said she worked with her alot and had riden her just a little. But now Loretta's gone.
Now you might think its only a horse! But believe me, they have feelings. Someone special will have to spend alot of time gaining Sedona's trust again. She's a smart horse, and would make an excellent trail horse. But she needs time, someone has to take the time and be her friend. If the right person could click with this horse, they'd have an amazing friend for life.

We would consider adopting Sedona out to the right person but really I'd like to see her find a sponsor so we could go through the steps the right way and then when she's people friendly and ready to go for a ride anytime, thats when she could be adopted out. We've even had people sponsor a horse and when they were ready for adoption the sponsor adopted the horse! Now thats a happy ending...

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