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There are actually many more horses at the Rescue than are listed here on the website. We get alot of calls, and they can come in at anytime. I have two more horses coming in tomorrow. But as we are in a rural ranch area the problems of abuse and neglect do not stop with horses. In the last 15 years large ranches have been bought up and subdivided in to mini-ranches from 5 acre parcels to 40 or even 160 acres. Since there are usually no utilities the property is cheap and sells fast. People from all over the country have been moving to Arizona "to live in the last of the wild wild west". One of the first things they do is buy some animals, they usually start small with some goats, chickens, pigs, ducks, maybe even some of our barbados sheep. But they soon find out raising animals is work. Especially when you live off-the-grid (no public electic company, no public water system), and have to haul all your water in the back of a pickup truck from many miles away. Many who move out here don't last very long, maybe its the extreme heat, maybe its just harder then they thought, but as usual the animals take the hit. Many just drive off and leave them behind to fend for themselves. But many who have that good old pioneer stock running through their veins fall in love with Arizona and stay for life.

Our corner of Arizona is really not set up to take in these small farm animals, just as they are not set up to provide for the horses. With no large cities or even water close by many of the animals turned loose in the desert just wander off and die. That is why Sacred Grounds Rescue Ranch has openned its gates to various breeds of goats, sheep, ducks, geese, and even a few rabbits. And actually the adoption rate on these smaller animals is much faster than that of the horses and helps bring in much needed funds to keep them all fed. We do not take in dogs or cats, although like any ranch we have some of our own. But in some cases we can try and help find a home for them if nothing else.

The bottom line, as with all Rescue Ranchs is funding, the cost to keep all the animals fed and keep the Rescue open is tremendous and we are always trying to find new ways to keep the cash flowing. Without donations and sponsors it couldn't happen. We need your help too, checks are a tax deduction to Sacred Grounds Rescue Ranch, POBox 967, Wikieup AZ 85360 and your always welcome to email us at


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