Triger & Skywishes

Triger, a gelding palomino, was born in 2008 and Skywishes, a mare palomino, was born in 2007. Both are miniature horses. Triger, once you catch him and place a halter on him will lead good and do about whatever you want. Skywishes is not so tame and a bit sassy. Neither have had any training yet from us and I don't think from the previous owner either. She had them just turned out on a few acres of land to live as they please. They are still very young and at a good age to be trained.

The woman who had these was a really nice gal in Golden Valley AZ. She was a rescue in herself always taking in any kind of animal, from dogs to goats chickens pigs and horses. She did this all on her own just because she had a big heart. But her heart was her problem, she had already had a by-pass and the job of caring for the animals was getting harder. Then she had an attack and was taken to the hospital and all the near by property owners thought she wouldn't be coming home again so they all came to her house and started dividing up all her animals between them. As she arrived home, she was watching all her so called friends with ropes on her animals, like vultures, ready to take all she owned. They even argued that she was dieing so she shouldn't have the animals. Well she called the police and they made all her "friends" return her animals.

But the friends were bitter and called the authorities, in this area the branding inspectors. Her friends figured they had her over a barrel now. The branding inspector I'm sure could see what was going on and simply told her that if it is true that she only has a little time left, she should probably make arrangements for the care of her animals. Thats when she pulled out her hidden ace and called us.

She told us the story and said to bring the biggest trailer we have and do it right away today. So we made arrangements with a friend of the Rescue to haul his big livestock trailer out there to see how we could help. We loaded 15 mixed breed goats, 1 lamb, 1 potbelly pig, a dozen chickens, 2 male china white geese, these 2 miniatire horses, and she even threw in a used western saddle and some misc tack. Wow! We left her with the dogs because we don't handle dogs and an old sway back mare that was atleast 20 that she had a home for already. The only animals we have left from her are the 2 geese and the miniature horses. All the rest have new good homes.

Both Triger and Skywishes are available for adoption or sponsorship.

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