Tucker is a half miniature horse and half shetland pony stallion. He was born in 2007. He came from Kingman AZ, nice people. He was not abused or neglected. The folks just had too many horses to feed. They tried to sell him but with the present economy they couldn't find a responsible buyer. And so we were lucky enough to bring him home to the Rescue.

He has a pretty good disposition, but needs a someone to spend some time with him on a regular basis. Counting Tucker, we have 3 miniatures here at the Rescue, another male gelding (triger) and a mare (skywishes). We may do some kind of pony rides or possibly saddle them up so kids can get their pictures taken with them. We have no tack for them yet but we have a little work to do on their people skills first anyway.

Tucker could be sponsored or even adopted to the right person.

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