This is Wikieup Wendy, a 16 year old papered quarter horse. Wendy came to us out of Mohave Valley Arizona with an injured knee. They actually didn't tell us until after we hauled her home that it was from a trailer accident. She has also been attacked twice by a mountain lion and she has severe scarring on her rear legs. The lions tend to pick on the crippled animals because they are easier prey. They didn't figure on Wendy's spirit because she kicked the hell out of that lion, and hasn't beem bothered since. In fact she did such a good job the lion has never been back to bother any of the horses or animals. But the lion did hurt her pretty bad the last round and it pulled her way down fighting for her life and trying to heal her wounds. But like I said she has spirit and a strong will to live.

Sure, most folks might put her down since she can't be ridden, she shouldn't be bred in her condition and she actually does a lot of limping around. But she has heart and will have a home here for the rest of her life.

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2017 Sacred Grounds Rescue Ranch Wikieup, Arizona 928-897-6555