Captain Jack

Capt. Jack is approximately 16 years old and is a gelding. Not sure of his breed but I'd say he was part morgan. His name was changed here at the Rescue, it used to be Bingo. Capt came from up north in Arizona where the mountians are filled with snow. He had a great place to live, a nice enclosed stall to keep him warm in the winters and plenty of feed, he was a very spoiled horse. Capt was anything but abused, basically the previous owner was simply retiring as a horse owner. But Capt Jack was an answer to our prayers.

When the previous owner had Capt he had never riden him, his thinking was that with all these huge muscles that Capt had, he'd make a great pack horse. And before you know it 4 years goes by. The owner before that hadn't riden him either, but maybe he was before that.

Even today walking into Capt's stall is done slow and easy, he wants to stand for you but he's just not sure. Someone in his past wasn't very nice to him and must have hit him around his head because he is very head shy. Its all about moving slow and talking soft. But once the rope is around his neck he's all yours, even placing the halter over his head, he pretty good. And then he's yours. He'll almost stand through a stampede while you brush him down and saddle him up. These pictures are of the very first time I rode him. He had a little zippy moment but after a few spins he settled down and he's never done it again.
Since then we've had him shoed, and taken him on several trail rides, sometimes in a group of four, sometimes with only one other rider and sometimes alone just him and me. Capt Jack is a very special horse and somewhere in his past he had some excellent training with a patient hand. He is one of the best riding horses we've had at the Rescue.

The next test will be for someone else to ride him and see how he works out for them. And after that well see how he works with kids and so on and so on. Everything is baby steps here at the Rescue. We have no time schedule to work through so the horses can learn at their own pace. At this time Capt Jack is not available for adoption but he can be sponsored. Maybe you'd like to see how far we can work with Jack and how many smiles we can put on some childrens faces. If you would like to help sponsor Capt Jack contact us and lets work something out.

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