Cimmeron is a 1 year old Filly that was rescued from the Livestock Auction. I say rescued for a few reasons, first and formost, because if we didn't BUY here she'd be in a can of dogfood about now. Sure the slaughter houses have been outlawed in the US but there are still regular buyers at most livestock auction that buy for one reason, meat.

We're not trying to change the whole world, and we realize there will always be such folks making money however they can. Thats why we also have a buyer at the same auctions. He can't go to every one but he goes pretty regular because thats his business, but he has a standing order with us that if anything under a year old goes through and he can get it at a resonable price we'll take it. And so this time, thats how we got Samson and Cimmeron. Both a little on the thin side but thats not real unusual for yearlings either. Cimmeron could be a great learning experience for a child or young rider.

Now the good part, Cimmeron is a beautiful and extremely well mannered filly. She is already halter broke and I don't mean that she can just have a halter put on and taken off. She leads well, she'll stand well while you can brush her and comb out her mane. Right now were just making friends with her after her transition, and begining to work with picking up her feet so that later the horse farrier can work with her easily.

One problem we found is that one eye is a smokey blue, possibly ulcerous which would be good because thats viral and can ce remedied with cream and cleared up in a few weeks. Its all about money, as soon as we can get some extra funding we can trailer her to a vet and have him take a look and see what he thinks. With hay prices going through the roof alot of our extra cash reserves have been eaten up, but at least the horses are well fed. Cimmeron is available for adoption, she does not need to be here. She's healthy and well trained for just being a yearling and it would be a terrible shame for her to spend her days here. A sponsor would also be great so we can get her eye examined and hopefully repaired, so she can live a normal life. It just takes a phone call....

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