This is Cowboy, a 17 year old gelding from up in northern Arizona. Cowboy is a very friendly and loving horse that gets along well with everyone. Spend 15 minutes with this guy and you'll fall in love with him. But Cowboy has a problem, and its a life or death problem.

When Cowboy's previous owner called us, she was not very happy. She had this great horse that was going down hill fast. He's been losing weight daily and you might notice his rear feet are turned out some. She had him checked out by several Vets and they all said the same thing. He has a severe nuerological condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome and all suggested the same thing, to put him down.

This created a couple problems, first and foremost the aweful realization that her baby had to be killed and if that isn't bad enough the cost sure is. By the time you pay a vet to come out and put a horse down and have the body hauled away your looking at close to $900. Your losing you loved one and having to pay for it too. So she did her research and she found our website and found a few other horses that we have helped to atleast live out their days proudly, and she called. After approval from our board we brought Cowboy home.

So what would you do with Cowboy? Well we have a few of our own guide lines here at Sacred Grounds. As long they continue to eat well, and are clear and responsive in the eyes, and they can still stand/or walk, then we'll give them the time to live. Right now Cowboy is eating like he just found out he likes hay and thats great. Like we said he so lovable and friendly he's making lots of friends here.

Considering his condition I don't think we can let Cowboy be adopted, but we sure could use a few good sponsors to help feed and care for him as long as he wants to live. For more information about becoming Cowboy's sponsor call or email us. And Bless you for thinking about it.

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