Jumping Jack Frost

Well here is Jumpin Jack Frost a former champion western pleasure horse, lots of trophys and ribbons. Jack is an 18 year old palomino gelding and is no doubt the largest horse here at the Rescue. And Jack is very friendly and pretty good with kids too. Jack is in great shape, good confirmation, good feet, and he loves to eat! Jack was not an abused or neglected horse, he was very well taken care of as you can see. Just another horse owner fighting to keep the family fed and having to make hard decisions. They didn't want to let this friendly giant go, who would, but times are hard right now and hay prices are high. Today, March 14 2011, one of our volunteers, Mase, rode Jack for the first time on the trails here at the Rescue. Mase is 10 years old. Most of Jack's riding has been in an arena do western pleasure shows, and maybe some riding on dirt roads or designated trails. Here at the Rescue trail riding is cutting across country and making your own trail. And you would be surprised how many horses have a difficult time managing it. But today young Mase did a great job. At this time we haven't really decided if Jumpin Jack Frost is available for adoption yet, but he can be sponsored. If we find a sponsorship for him then he will remain here at the Rescue and we will use him for some riding programs planned for this summer. He still needs a bit of riding on our trails, but Mase and some of our other young volunteers will help us out in that department. For more info on Jumpin Jack Frost or maybe how to become his sponsor just send us an email at sacredgroundsrescueranch@yahoo.com


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