Larsen is approximately 6 years old and a stallion. He's pretty small, like a welsh pony. Larsen is pretty special, you can see the before and after pictures. It was definately a crime the way he was treated as you can see. And thats what makes his story so beautiful.

One day we recieved a call and they had heard about us and seen our website and wanted to know more about us taking in horses. She was a a police officer and had a line on this horse that Livestock was looking at and wanted to save him.

Note: Something about the Livestock Dept. in case you don't know who they are. The Livestock Inspector in AZ has too many duties and kind of like the Texas Rangers they are few and far between. Here in our corner of AZ they are who will respond if say you call the police about a horse you think is abused of not being cared for. The process is after a few warnings and time to correct the issues, if nothing happens thay get a court order to take the horse away from the owner and it is then taken to the Prsecott Livestock Auction and sold. Not really a happy ending.

So this police officer fell in love with Larsen and wanted to save his life. She wanted to help and thats why she called. We were full up with horses at the time, but she said she was willing to buy this horse at the auction to save his life. Wow, what can you say to that. So I said if she bought the horse we would find room for him.

And then one day after about a month of her waiting for the process of the horse being auctioned, she called and said she was on the way. The horse already looked better with the Livestock dept farrier working on his feet and him getting fed on a regular basis. Livestock did a wonderful job caring for the horse. And today he's looking really good. His feet are pretty straingt and his weight is almost perfect. He is still a stallion, but we are considering the expense of gelding him.

Larsen is available for adoption or a sponsorship. If we found a sponsor we would probably have him gelded and begin working with him so kids could ride him. He smaller so he's a lot less intimidating than a larger horse for a child. We think he'd be a good one for our programs. If you interested in Larsen please contact us.

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