Llama Family

We call this our Llama family. They were actually donated by some friends that had to down-size a bit and thought we would adopt the llamas out and bring in much needed cash for hay to the Rescue. But what happened was we kind of feel in love with these curious animals.

They are actually a family, there is the Dad, the Mom, a 3 year old baby daughter, and a 8 month old baby daughter (written 3/13/2011). I had heard alot about llamas before we took these in, most of it false. The eat hay just like our horses. Everyone asks us if we get spit on much. The answer is no, so far after a few months of being here at the Rescue not once have we been spit on. The llamas tend to spit when when agitated and so far the haven't wanted to.

What I do know about llamas is that if you had a herd of them you could harvest their hair which needs to be clipped every spring. Their hair can be woven to create sweaters,rugs, and more, just a bit more coarse than that of the alpaca. They make great herd security. If you had a herd of sheep or goats and put a male llama with them he would bond with the herd and like a burro will risk their life protecting them. Ofcourse I hear there are people who eat them, like about everything else. As almost everyone has hear they make good pack animals and some kids have even riden llamas, not ours however. The tend to be intimidating because they are so big and tall and people tend to be unsure of their attitude.

They appear to be very intelligent and very curious and it is because of all these things that we are considering to not have them available for adotion at this time. Instead we would like to find a few good sponsors to help us keep and maintain them here at the Rescue so that all the children and folks that come to visit the Rescue will have the rare opportunity to meet this very interesting family. Where else are these kids going to meet and become friends with a llama.

The plan is if we can find sponsorship for them we will build a much larger pen for them with a custom sized shade structure per their height and a special area we have in mind for shearing them. Who ever gets the ball rolling first can name the members of the llama family and if they choose to post a sign saying sponsored by on the gate of the pen. For more info please feel free to call or email us here at the Rescue.

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