Nitty is a 10 year old registered Pinto mare. Her papered name is Infinate Peace. We picked up from her previous owner down by Phoenix Arizona. This is another horse that was not abused nor neglected in any way, just another casualty of our present economy. That and they wanted to help us here at the Rescue with some riding programs we have planned for the coming summer. Nitty is in pretty grand shape, she can maybe use a few more pounds but she sure is a beauty. We picked up Nitty in Feb 2011 which was only a few weeks from now, so far we have had her feet worked on and she's wearing a nice pair of new shinny shoes. Her previous owners had told us about a possible shoulder injury that causes her to limp when making the transision from a walk to a trot or to a lope. But for simply walking she does well with no limping. We haven't experienced any limping or stumbling yet but we can verify that she walks fine. Just a few days ago we took her for her first ride using a snaffle bit and a western saddle rig, she did pretty well. Basically she just needs alot more time on the trails. She's a good horse. Hopefully she'll get everything worked out soon. It will take some work though, she needs alot of riding time. But we'll start with the basics and work our way through until she's a great trail ride. She's already very friendly and boy does she love those carrots. Trail riding to us isn't what most folks consider it to be. In the literal sense, horses that trail ride are used to riding on a path or road with other horses beside them in front of them and maybe even behind them. Its usually a group event and can include dozens or even hundreds of horses with riders. To us when I speak of trail riding, its not on a designated road or path, its riding through the hills or desert or washes making your own way. You might be riding alone or with a few others, but its a different experience and we feel creates a better bond between horse and riders. And you'd be suprised how many horses cannot do this, or atleast at first. We have some beautiful country in Arizona, and it sure makes the rides that much better. At this time Nitty is not available for adoption but we would welcome finding a good sponsor(s) for her. She's going to be with us for a while, we have a lot of work to do before she's ready and we may keep her for some trail riding programs we have coming up soon.

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