Spirit was born January 29th 1994 here in Arizona. His papered name is My Chocolate Alibi and he is registered both with the Pinto Horse Association of America and The American Paint Horse Association. Spirit is a very big gelding and was picked up in the colder part of Arizona up north. Spirit was not a case of abuse or neglect.

Spirit came to us with another horse called Cowboy who you can read about in his own profile. Cowboy was one of the reasons, economic times was another. The pictures you see of Spirit are close to as he was when we picked him up, maybe just a month's time frame. Spirit is in good physical and mental condition. He has a good workable attitude. He was already wearing shoes but his feet are getting long and it will soon be time for some new shoes. We are told he rides english or western, and we can verify western because thats how we have riden him so far.

So far we have been working him on our trails around the Rescue. I personally have riden him as well as a few of our volunteers and he is a nice walker. Trail riding here at the Rescue is a bit different than the normal term as we make fresh new trails creating a different experience for the horse and the rider. Spririt does well no matter who is riding him.

At this time Spirit is not available for adoption because we have some riding programs planned for this summer. He is available for sponsorship, basically helping us to maintain him for these child related programs so that we can continue his not adoptable status. Depending on the sponsorship other promotional opportunities may apply. Contact us anytime for more info.

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